The best way to get plugged in and connected at TheWAY is to join a Service Team, Life Group or Bible Study Group!


Service Teams

Members of our Service Teams serve the church and community in a number of different areas. Some groups serve just on Sundays while other groups serve throughout the week. Check out our service teams to see where you might fit in. You don't have to be a member to be a part of most teams. There are also some virtual options for serving as well.



Life Groups

Life Groups are small groups that meet throughout the community. These groups can be geographically based with members meeting with others who live near them, or they can be virtual. Life Group meetings are family affairs where children are invited and welcomed. In Life Groups, we typically eat together, pray together, study together, and have fun together. It is often difficult to get connected with others while at church, so Life Groups offer a way to intentionally engage in relationships and help us live out some of the "one anothers" we find in scripture outside of Sunday. Life Groups are about building strong relationships with God, each other, our neighbors, and our community. We're always looking to start new Life Groups, so consider starting one of your own. 



Bible Study Groups


Life Women is our women's bible study group. This small group is open to all women. The group is currently meeting in person and virtually on Saturday mornings at 10 am. The group's purpose is to lift, empower, encourage, and learn with other women in their faith journey.  

Life Men is our men's bible study group. This small group is open to all men. The group is currently meeting virtually and in person on Monday evenings at 7:00 pm. The group's purpose is for men to encourage and support one another so that they can become the men God wants them to be.



 We are always looking to offer new groups, so if you are a member and are interested in possibly leading a group, please email  or call (832) 243-5761.