This Is Us

Make America Great Again.
Black Lives Matter.
Build The Wall.




Our society is being torn apart. We can’t agree on how to run the country, whose lives matter, or what to do with people that cross our borders. On top of that, our marriages fail half the time, and each generation moves further away from any sense of common values. Debates, body cams, walls, nor weekend retreats will bring us together. But, what if there was a secret in the Bible that could bring everyone, regardless of political philosophy, nationality, or personality together? Commit to 8 weeks and learn how God can make the incompatible more than compatible.


SUNDAYS | 10am
Rodeo Palms Jr High
101 Palm Desert Dr
Manvel, TX 77578
This Is Us is best experienced in community.
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We invite you to become part of a short-term life group during the This Is Us series. As part of these life groups you will get a chance to ask questions, gain understanding, share insights and perspectives, and hear the experiences of others in a more intimate setting. The discussions in these smaller groups allow you to participate in a way that will make the teaching heard on Sundays more relevant. We believe that the best way to come together is through dialogue and interaction. Life groups are welcoming and open environments where relationships can form and unity can take place. You don't have to be a member of TheWAY to join a Life Group. Fill out the interest form and we will contact you with details.

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