Next Steps

New to faith?

If you’ve recently made the decision to follow Christ, we would like to help you build a strong foundation to your faith. We want every person at The Way of Life Church to have someone walking with them in being followers of Christ. Click the link below to start your journey.

Start Your Journey


New to THEWAY ?

If you are new to The Way of Life Church, then we personally invite you to join us for our Next Steps classes. We will be hosting these informative classes that will introduce you to our church. Both classes take place monthly. Click the link below to register for the next sessions.

Register for a Next Steps Class


Join a Life Group

Life Groups are where we get to do life together and find authentic relationships. Life Groups are small groups that gather throughout the community. It is in these Life Groups that we build family and close relationships with others in the church.  Click the link below to get connected with a Life Group.



Want to be Baptized?

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and would like to make a public declaration of that decision, we encourage you to be baptized. Click the link below to learn more about baptism.

Learn about Baptism


Join a Service Team

Use your gifts and talents to help build a place for others to connect with Jesus! It takes a lot of volunteers to make sure that our guests are welcome, Jesus is lifted up, and lives are changed. Jesus made it a priority to serve others. That should be our mandate as well.

We have a number of service teams available for you to join.


Manage and encourage guests, prospective, and new members across a set path of deeper commitment and connection with the church family.  Facilitate and communicate celebratory steps of faith of new members (baptism, mentees becoming mentors, etc.).  Maintain the church membership database.

Audio Visual

Set-up, tear down and operate audio and visual equipment before, during and after each Gathering.  Ensure that the sound, lighting and projection operate smoothly during Gatherings.


Work with children to sow the seeds of the faith and make young disciples of Christ in a safe, nurturing, and fun environment. Teach and lead lessons and activities that are age appropriate. Encourage family participation in the development of faith in their children. Must love children. Committed members only. Males are also encouraged to serve in this area.  Background check required.


Food Service

Prepare and serve beverages (water, coffee, tea, etc.) before and after the Gatherings to facilitate fellowship.  Facilitate and coordinate meals at corporate activities.


Greet and welcome members and guests at Gathering, facilitating them to experience the love of Christ in their arrival, stay and departure. Provide assistance as needed.


Promote and demonstrate prayer as central to every ministry and activity at THEWAY. Pray for the requests received by phone, mail or e-mail, prayer request cards, from the church website or via social media. Pray for the needs of our church, our community, our country, our world and all those in authority.

Set-up/Tear Down

Set up and tear down all tables, chairs, equipment and supplies needed to accommodate Gatherings.  Ensure that everything in the facility is returned to the state in which it was found, or better.


Facilitate the praise and worship of Jesus Christ through music and song.  Our Gatherings are exciting celebrations of Jesus and therefore worship team members must have a heart for worshipping God.  Must be willing to pursue excellence in music through practice during the week and the day of each Gathering.  Must be willing and able to incorporate all genres of theologically sound, inviting and audience appropriate music.

Click the link below to sign up to serve.

Join a Service Team

Share Your Story

Every person, has a story. And when individuals share their story with others, amazing things happen. Their failures, wins, newfound freedom, and lessons learned inspire us in many ways and give us hope.

If you’re willing, we’d love to hear YOUR story. Who knows? Your story might be just what someone else needs to hear to take the next step or be encouraged.

Share your story