A Place to Grow

Building Campaign

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A Place to Grow

Building Campaign

By God's grace, The Way of Life Church (TWOLC) has been blessed to hold our Weekend Gatherings and other events at Rodeo Palms Jr High for nearly two years. During that time, we have seen our church grow, expanded our children's church and youth group, and grown our reach in the community. We have sponsored and/or participated in various events at Rodeo Palms Jr High, in the community and throughout the area. Our time at Rodeo Palms Jr High is coming to a close; our lease is up in July 2019.

Our search committee has been prayerfully looking for a more permanent place that will provide room for growing our church and for planning ahead for the next phase of TWOLC's ministry and growth. From that process came the A Place to Grow building campaign.

The campaign has a total financial goal of $85000 and two main focus areas:

  • To find a space that can accommodate our needs: Renovate an existing facility so that we can better accommodate the growing needs of The Way of Life Church. This will give us breathing room for our current and future growth.
  • To relocate with no debt: We will have no debt related to the move. This ensures continued fiscal responsibility in TWOLC's annual operating/church budget and better prepares us for the next phase of the life of the church and our ministry to the community.


How Can I Give?

If you would like to support the campaign, we ask that you prayerfully consider how much you and your family will be willing to give.

You can give here or by sending a check, made out to The Way of Life Church, to 11601 Shadow Creek Pkwy, #111-561, Pearland, TX 77584.


Will My Gift Be Enough To Help?

Yes! No gift is too small. Not all people will be able to give at the same level. Many small gifts are as important as a few large ones. The Bible teaches that we are to give proportionally as we are able and to give cheerfully.

REMEMBER: Every penny has a purpose. Every nickel has a name. Every dollar has a destiny.


Contact Us

For more information about the campaign, how to give, or questions about our church, email Pastor Chris at or call 281-720-7227.